Why we LOVE VRfree® Gloves​

When we first heard about VRfree® Gloves we just thought it was the most awesome technology and had to be a part of it somehow.  Virtual Reality is being used right now in so many different areas.  It is no longer that futuristic technology that is only seen in movies.  Now it is available to make a big impact in business training but also available for home use.

On the business side VR can be found in simulation training for just about any industry that is willing to use it.  Most notably it is being used in Research and Development, Industrial Training, Aviation, Energy, and Defense. Any organization or industry that is using VR but thinks that natural and intuitive finger interaction would increase training immersion would be a great candidate for VRfree® Glove System -Business Version.

On the consumer side VR is being used mostly for gaming.  There are many flight simulation enthusiasts who find the VRfree® Glove increased the level of immersion and realism which leveled up the experience for them. Also there is a growing number of STEAM VR games where the VR Free gloves can be used in place of controllers – including the highly successful Half-Life: Alyx. A number of demo videos can be seen on the Sensoryx website www.sensory.com.  If you are into gaming, then the VRfree® Glove System – Consumer Version would be more for you.

Our COO, Mark has been working with Sensoryx since 2018 and has a strong grasp of Sensory’s capabilities and products.  This is why we are super excited to be working with Sensoryx.  This will make it easier to purchase with VRfree® Gloves here in the US.

The VRfree® glove is compatible with all commercially available headsets, including Oculus, HTC, HP, Samsung and others. The technology in these gloves allow the user to be in VR without big bulky trackers or having to set up a room full of cameras to accurately track your movement.  The VRfree® Gloves track with submillimeter accuracy and precision.  These are the reasons we love the VRfree® GLoves.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to email us at info@luchs-tech.com.

Why we LOVE VRfree® Gloves​
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