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Sensoryx VRfree® gloves

The Sensoryx VRfree® gloves are made up of high-quality electronic components, fused with independent 3D tracking technology, which combine to offer you the highest possible freedom of movement as well as high precision and accuracy (submillimeter). They allow you to manipulate objects in 3D space, grab and move things, type on virtual keyboards and even paint and write using your hands and fingers in VR with perfect 1:1 control and precision! With VRfree® you no longer need to use gamepads or joysticks to interact with your virtual environment – just move your hands and fingers freely and naturally in the air and interact with objects just as you do in the real-world! The independent 3D tracking also makes the VRfree® Gloves system fully mobile and compatible with almost all commercially available VR headsets. 

What is it?

VRfree® is an immersive and realistic way to experience Virtual Reality by providing you with gloves so that you can intuitively control your movement and interaction. You can interact with objects, equipment and people in a natural way. This makes for an immersive experience like no other, allowing you to become a part of your virtual environment to a level not possible with typical hand controllers and gamepads.

Why do I need it?

Put on a headset, such as an Oculus Quest 2, and try playing Angry Birds. It’s cool that you can play the game in VR, but you can’t throw those virtual rocks like you would if you were actually standing in front of a slingshot. Using your hands to interact with an object in real-life space instead of just swiping at it from across a table, makes everything more realistic and immersive

How does it work?

The gloves are equipped with different sensor-types which accurately detect your hand and finger movements and gestures. These are then accurately translated into your VR environment. While wearing them, you can grab and drop objects or operate equipment and systems within the simulation. The combination a VR headset and VRfree® Gloves is turning users dreams into reality: move and interact freely and realistically in a 3D world, fully immersed – live your game!

What is it like?

Wearing them for 5 minutes feels like you’re wearing a second skin. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. The textile gloves are also machine-washable once the electronic components are removed, making them easy to clean and keep hygienic.

How can I use it?

If you’re thinking about buying a pair of VR gloves, then these are for you. The VRfree® Gloves gloves can be used with almost all VR headsets such as Oculus, HTC, HP etc, allowing for greater control and more immersive experiences. Having played around with a few different sets of hand controls and input devices, I can say that these felt much better than any of the others.

Where Can I Get Sensoryx VRfree® gloves​

Immersive VR Experience
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