What Sets the Sensoryx 3D Tracking System Apart

What makes it possible to move in virtual reality? In order to create a virtual reality experience, the user must be able to see and interact with their surroundings as if they were really there. Thus, one of the most critical components of virtual reality technology are the sensors and cameras that use computer vision and other advanced technologies to track head and hand movements in real time as well as accurately map them within the 3D space. Let’s talk about Sensoryx’s 3D tracking system, one of the most precise 3D tracking systems on the market right now.

Why do we need this?
Three dimensional tracking systems are essential components in extended reality (XR) such as VR and AR. There are numerous uses of these technologies, but there is one main requirement: to ensure that a person has full control over what they experience and interact with in a natural and intuitive way. This is where Sensoryx comes into play.

What makes us different from other systems out there?
Sensoryx’s tracking technology fuses different sensor types to create a powerful 3D tracking system that accurately captures movement in real time as it happens—in any environment. The technology is unique in that it delivers truly mobile, independent 3D tracking. This ensures that no external references are required (no lighthouses, etc) and it is capatible with all commercially available VR/AR headsets.

Our Technology Advantages
Sensoryx’s tracking solution delivers submilimeter accuracy and precision, and our full 6-DOF device provides a very fast update rate to ensure no observable lag or delay between real world movement and virtual simulations. Basically as you move is what you see and experience.

Why Sensoryx technology will have a big impact on XR
The Sensoryx 3D tracking system delivers submilimeter accuracy and precision in a fully mobile configuration with cross headset compatibility. This means the Sensoryx tracking solution can be common across all types of VR/AR simulations, independent of the headset being used. This gives users the maximum of flexibility to choose the hardware and software that best meets their requirements. Rather than being constained by tracking technology limitations, the Sensoryx tracking solution optimizes user flexibility to choose the technology that works best for them.

Want to learn more about Sensoryx 3D tracking
Luchs Technology Group are the US based experts in Sensoryx products. If you would like to learn more, let’s talk. Get in touch by clicking HERE.

Need to see the 3D tracking in action – check out the video below.

What Sets the Sensoryx 3D Tracking System Apart
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