Training With Sensoryx Virtual Reality Gloves

The new Virtual Reality Gloves from Sensoryx are an innovative way to enjoy virtual reality without being tethered by cords or cabled headsets. With precision 3D tracking and an ergonomic design, the gloves let you experience virtual reality without sacrificing your sense of freedom and movement. Learn how to train with Sensoryx VRfree® Gloves here.

Why use VR gloves?
Today’s workers, especially those in the medical field and education, face a wide variety of real-world challenges every day. One way they can prepare is by using virtual reality (VR) gloves that simulate training conditions. Hand controllers are great these days, but the gloves provide a realistic experience for the user. VR allows them to safely practice before ever stepping into an actual situation, whether that means treating a patient or navigating through a simulated street scene.

Who should use Sensoryx VRfree®?
The VRfree®  gloves are designed with a few different demographics in mind. Training companies, whether they’re for educational purposes or for sports, would benefit from having their employees train with these gloves. The gloves can be used in conjunction with certain devices such as PC’s and IOS or Android tablets/phones to provide an intuitive method of training. Any industry that may use training manuals or other materials could take advantage of using VR Free gloves when instructing employees, contractors, new hires and so on.

What can they be used for?
Unlike most virtual reality systems that require a computer, VRfree® gloves use Sensoryx technology which means they can be used anywhere at any time with no need for batteries or cords. This makes them great for training of all kinds. In addition, because no controllers are needed, if your hands are busy doing other things then these gloves will still track your hands and fingers movements. This gives you greater flexibility than other virtual reality systems that may require two controllers for example. This is especially useful in medical training as doctors and nurses often have one hand occupied while they work on patients. The ease of use makes it ideal for people who are not technically minded so anyone from teachers, military personnel to medics could benefit from using these gloves over others available on the market today.

Training Apps
In training, employers can use apps in extended reality with VRfree® gloves. These programs offer new ways of learning and provide a cost-effective way of reaching thousands of employees at a time. This training is possible due to seamless 3D tracking. The gloves are comfortable, easy-to-use and because they don’t need any cords, can be used anywhere from construction sites to factories. Employees working in hazardous or dangerous conditions benefit from using Sensoryx VRfree® gloves since there is no wiring around them.

Benefits of using Sensoryx VRfree® Gloves vs standard VR headsets/gloves
VR Free Gloves don’t interfere with motions, meaning that users can perform any physical activity while in a virtual environment. This is especially important for training purposes, where it’s necessary to move freely within a space. VR Free Gloves are also wireless, meaning that they can be used without being attached to a cord or computer. It is a super intuitive glove that enhances any virtual training experience. Book in for a consultation to see if this glove is right for your training. Email

Training With Sensoryx Virtual Reality Gloves
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